Aspiring Leader in the Education Sector. We bring innovative changes to markets that need them. Our partnerships aid in creating a vision that supports growth in learning sector. Our brands shape the operations that make the vision come to life. Our aim is to bring innovation to the Professional Education & Certification sector.

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About Us

We Are The Change That Makes You The Future.

Founded with a vision to bring innovative changes to the Education sector. We offer progress to everyone, from learners who seek development and business partners who strive for growth. As we establish yourself, we plan to work closely with professional bodies to make learning for all as easily accessible as possible and a future facing as possible.

We deal with Global Certification Bodies making you Global.

We provide consultancy, training and materials for a range of qualifications that are the biggest names in the market and we do it in specialist areas that includes accountancy, finance, tax and more. Even though we are based in Canada, our boundaries are global due to the brands we operate and the partnerships we hold.

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Our Brands & Services

Our Brands have helped us grow and helped bring our vision to life. We believe in progress for everyone. For learners who want to develop, and the business partners that strive for growth. This where our brands help making learning as real world, relevant and future facing as possible.

From the cutting edge technology of online sales to networking with professionals, our brands have it all.

We take pride in our brands.

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Our Partnerships

We work closely with our partners, aligning their business goals with ours and creating the right educational solution for our customers in the process.

our partners list

MYNESTOR Consultancy & Training is our lead partner based in Kuwait delivering Management Consultancy and training programs.
Based in heart of the city, MYNESTOR stands out from its competition through its unique training approach, learning partners and commitment to innovative education.

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We always welcome new partnership opportunities from around the globe. If you are in the business of education and would like to partner with us, kindly contact us through the form below and we will get back to you shortly.